Rated Game not rated

Hi, just finished a rated game and did win, but my rating points did not change at all. How come?

because your opponent is provisional, Winning or losing vs a provisional player doesn’t change your rating


Just do not understand this.
It says its provisorial until he played 9 rated games. OK, this I understand.
But he played far way more than that. 222 games, many of them rated.

This makes no sense.

I don’t know exactly how the formulas work, but I believe there’s a variable for each player which indicates the confidence the system has in their rank. It gradually decreases over periods of inactivity. Maybe if both players had very solidified ranks and weren’t very close to each other and the expected to win player won, maybe the change in ranking would be small enough that it would round to a whole number which happened to be the same their previous ranking? Of course, I’m saying this without actually understanding the elo formula; if someone comes in here who does and who can solve for r (or whatever variable represents one’s ranking) then listen to them, not me. :smile:

It because the moderator Calantir changed his ranked to 6k, so he needed additional provisional games so we can see if he is actually 6k with out changing the ratings of other players.