Rating breakdown conversion

The ratings in the rating breakdown are calculated independently. Therefor they aren’t directly comparable. I tried to estimate conversion formulas:

x-axis is overall rating, y-axis the breakdown rating

Conversion breakdown rating (br) -> overall (or)

overall blitz live correspondence
1.00•br+0 0.73•br+545 0.97•br-42 0.80•br+270
9x9 1.00•br-0 0.73•br+545 0.97•br-42 0.80•br+270
13x13 1.01•br-18 0.74•br+536 1.07•br-247 0.82•br+211
19x19 1.01•br-14 0.73•br+542 1.07•br-243 0.82•br+217

Conversion overall (or) -> breakdown rating (br)

overall blitz live correspondence
1.00•or-0 1.38•or-751 1.03•or+43 1.26•or-339
9x9 1.00•or+0 1.38•or-751 1.03•or+43 1.26•or-339
13x13 0.99•or+18 1.36•or-728 0.94•or+231 1.22•or-257
19x19 0.99•or+13 1.36•or-739 0.94•or+228 1.23•or-266

What’s a 0x0 board? It is just all the custom sizes, or something else?


0x0 is all 3 boardsizes. (Combined rating for 19x19, 13x13, and 9x9). It’s the first row on the rating breakdown on your profile page.


I’m confused. What am I looking at here? I see charts and blue splatters and numbers along the edges… but that’s all I’ve figured out so far :thinking:

Blue points are individual players.
Horizontal axes the overall rating of the player, vertical axes the breakdown rating for the above mentioned speed+boardsize.

Black dotted line is the identity (players on that line have the same overall and breakdown rating)
Black line is a linear fit, trying to find how overall rating relates to the breakdown rating.


What is a breakdown rating?

A breakdown rating is a rating based on only some of your ranked games. They are ‘Broken down’ into categories. eg All 9x9, or Live 9x9.