Rating breakdown conversion

The ratings in the rating breakdown are calculated independently. Therefor they aren’t directly comparable. I tried to estimate conversion formulas:

x-axis is overall rating, y-axis the breakdown rating

Conversion overall (or) -> breakdown rating (br)

overall blitz live correspondence
0x0 1.00•br+0 0.72•br+545 0.98•br-43 0.80•br+270
9x9 0.85•br+211 0.63•br+746 0.85•br+205 0.74•br+396
13x13 0.71•br+406 0.65•br+668 0.70•br+458 0.57•br+620
19x19 0.93•br+11 0.76•br+461 0.92•br+39 0.82•br+166

Conversion breakdown rating (br) -> overall (or)

overall blitz live correspondence
0x0 1.00•or-0 1.38•or-751 1.03•or+45 1.26•or-339
9x9 1.18•or-248 1.59•or-1187 1.18•or-243 1.35•or-536
13x13 1.40•or-568 1.55•or-1035 1.42•or-652 1.76•or-1093
19x19 1.07•or-11 1.32•or-607 1.08•or-42 1.23•or-203

What’s a 0x0 board? It is just all the custom sizes, or something else?


0x0 is all 3 boardsizes. (Combined rating for 19x19, 13x13, and 9x9). It’s the first row on the rating breakdown on your profile page.


I’m confused. What am I looking at here? I see charts and blue splatters and numbers along the edges… but that’s all I’ve figured out so far :thinking:

Blue points are individual players.
Horizontal axes the overall rating of the player, vertical axes the breakdown rating for the above mentioned speed+boardsize.

Black dotted line is the identity (players on that line have the same overall and breakdown rating)
Black line is a linear fit, trying to find how overall rating relates to the breakdown rating.


What is a breakdown rating?

A breakdown rating is a rating based on only some of your ranked games. They are ‘Broken down’ into categories. eg All 9x9, or Live 9x9.


I’ve been thinking about this thread, it’s been a month and I’m still confused by these. I understand how the math works. But I struggle about how would we apply this in practice. I’m really at a loss what exactly this is telling us in human terms.

I guess in practice I’m a correspondence person and if I meet blitz person we could compare our ratings? But we both also already have overall rank we could compare those, would that be less accurate than these formulas? Or does this tell something out different players pools strength?

And why 9x9 blue clouds look so thick compared to 19x19 clouds?

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I found a bug. Only the first line is correct. It will take a while to pull the correct data.

The number of games in each category is:

overall blitz live correspondence
0x0 120406 20494 84255 11561
9x9 52967 10778 35814 3061
13x13 13015 2263 8888 765
19x19 47926 5175 33519 6599

An application would be you wonder if you are good/bad in a specific board size/speed in comparison to an average player of your rank. Or the other way around.

If you want to compare yourself with a specific player, just compare the ratings directly. There is no need to do this kind of math.

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