Rating change seems unfair even with handicap

When playing with handicaps, games should be considered as equal, but I have noticed I still lose just as much rating point if I were to play a weaker play equally versus with handicap. E.g. gng by rating (dan and kyu), one tends to gain/lose 0.1k for equal ratings and 0.2 for stronger/weaker guys. Bit despite giving the automated handicap, I can still lose 0.2k and above and the rating isn’t even very huge (about 4kyu difference). And even then it shouldn’t matter the disparity cos the handicap should have evened things out…

If you trust ogs rank calculator then rating gain/loss isn’t the same between handicap and nonhandicap games.



I made a test with the rating calculator: if a 2.0d loses an even game against a 2.0d, he loses as many rating points as if he loses a game against a 3.0k with handicap stones.


No I don’t trust the rating calculator and my experience doesn’t match it. I suspect it doesn’t take into account smaller boards and/or faster time settings, that I play.

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Board size doesn’t seem to be an input to the calculator - is that just a quirk of the calculator just not bothering to implement that case or does the rating system itself also disregard board size?

Maybe OP’s problem is because of this: