Rating chart

Can we have buttons for 90 days, six months, one year, all time?

Or maybe just the first three and all time on a separate image?

As we move forward in time, the rating chart becomes more compressed and less useful.


You can use the mouse wheel to zoom. Having shortcuts like this could be nice though.

Browser zooming is not really a solution.

I’m not talking about browser zooming, the graph widget has integrated zooming and panning.


Man, I feel dumb.

I can’t zoom because of speech recognition issues that I will certainly straighten out. The panning works fine and I had no idea this could be done.

All that, and I am a supporter… Sheesh.

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NaturallySpeaking won’t let me zoom so I suppose I should modify my request to little ± signs on the gadget for zooming.

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The mouse wheel only zooms both axes at the same time. That is not the same thing.

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