Rating graph not updating

my rating graph on my profile isn’t updating anymore, it used to work fine, but since i started playing in a rengo game it stopped working. since starting in said rengo game i finished a tournament game but the graph didn’t get updated with the new info.


try to play live ranked game, it may be because someone time-outed too many correspondence games

my opponent in the tournament game did lose by timeout.

This is a case of “mass timeout”. Your opponent lost many games on timeout and then these losses will not count in the rating system


I have the same issue. My last 7 games (5 blitz, 1 live, all ranked, one annulled, 5 won) are not present in my ‘total games’ graph, nor in my subgraphs that count towards ranking. I did also enlist for some rengo games, some of which probably started 7 games ago. So it might have to do with that. Still, hope this can be fixed; I was just on a winning streak :sweat_smile:

Edit: it just did update. From 66 total games to 75. I guess it updates in batches?