Rating graph zoom new bug

as you can see on that screenshot, zoom on the part of the graph is enabled, but instead full graph is displayed
on 1 moment it displays correctly, but then switches back to full graph.
on accounts with few games it works wrong too, tried on 2 browsers. That bug didn’t exist before


I can confirm. I also have this bug.

when you hover mouse over graph game preview appeared at the right before - no longer works too now

I just reproduced as well. Pretty sure I tried this yesterday and it was working. Must have been something that deployed recently.

Does it do this for anyone on Beta?

I get it on Prod, but not Beta :face_with_monocle:

I take it back. I get it on Beta … but not my development environment :smiling_face_with_tear:

Now I’m sorted, I’ve found what caused that (as dexonsmith said, an unexpected effect of a recent change).

The head scratching about how to fix begins…

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Should be fixed now :slight_smile: