Rating History (& Download)

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I was thinking about the presentation of the rating history. For me it looks a little bit like a line-chaos with every rank being visible.
Isn’t it possible to add a small setting which of your 4 ranks you want to see? Like 4 checkboxes or something similiar in the full view.

I am currently trying to set up a data file with rank associated to date like it is displayed here on the website. Maybe it could also be possible to set a “download”-link. I don’t know how the ranks are saved on OGS, but they are definitly in a file :wink:

Thank you for listening :slight_smile:

@mlopezviedma has mentioned several times in the forums that the whole OGS rating system is getting an overhaul in the next week or so… it is entirely possible that something along the lines of your request is already a planned inclusion?


Have there been any clues about what the new system will be?

Yes @GreenAsJade not sure of all of them but it will centre around the overall rank being the only one used for deciding games and whatnot while also introducing more features as information about your rank. I believe that’s the gist anyway.

We’ll be switching from the Elo system to the Glicko-2 system is all I know.

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This thread is outdated since Jul 2017. At this point the OGS rating system changed to glicko2. The rating system changed in many aspects. All info in this thread about Elo on OGS is obsolete.

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