Rating/rank adjustment request

hello anoek, matburt and everyone i’m stupidly forgetting.

i wanted to give the ranking system some time and see if my Overall leveled out. but, it took a nosedive away from all of my broken out ratings at some point. and, it seems to be stuck in the muck ever since. so, can you nudge it? i feel like it can come up 4 or 5 stones.
thanks for taking a look!

I think the reason you’re not ranking up is because you’re not winning games vs stronger opponents.

In the last 3 months:

…you have

  • Won 10 and lost 71
  • Won 7 vs stronger, lost 64 vs stronger
  • 9 wins vs weaker, 7 wins vs stronger

These numbers don’t make it sound like your ranking is wrong.

BUT the main thing they tell us is that you are probably playing “out of your league”.

Unfortunately, we can’t filter unranked games out of the game history, so this is a bit painful to get a good view on, but just eyeballing it this seems right. You are frequently playing your ranked games against 15k+. If your rank really is 18k, as you suggest, then you shoud play games againt 19, 20k opponents and win them all. Your rank will shoot up in no time.

The ranking system can’t really work properly if you register mostly losses. Your current game record is way out of balance in this respect, so maybe that’s why your ranking also appears to be.



“The ranking system can’t really work properly if you register mostly losses. Your current game record is way out of balance in this respect, so maybe that’s why your ranking also appears to be.”

… it’d be cool if there was a pie chart or something like that, to make it clearer the balance of our games, wouldn’t it! :wink:


Have you tried "g0t stats*?


Yeah - it’s OK for in-depth dive, but even then it doesn’t really appreciate how meaningless unranked games are, for my taste at least.

I’d rather have all the stats on ranked games, and anything including unraked far down below as a sort of addendum.

And it’s currently buggy as far as at least rank goes: it thinks I’m 11k, but I’m 13k.

@GreenAsJade: I suppose gOtStats hasn’t been updated after OGS changed the ratìng system.

@shacoca: I agree with GreenAsJade. Just challenge players that are stronger than 22k (your rank on OGS today) and weaker than your supposed actual rank: you should be able to win the games and fix the rank.


Some people here are suggesting playing more games as a solution.
The problem is that playing to win against weaker opponents is tedious, time-consuming and frustrating for all involved. When we play Go, (I hope) we are looking to enjoy our free time and have fun.
The faster-adjusting rank system improves the situation, but it cannot solve it entirely.

Now, @shacoca could waste an afternoon or two just to make an artificial number increase, or look for a different solution. He could open a new account, switch to another server, or to a different leisure. As a community, I think we agree that we prefer a rank adjustment to all these options.

So I hope our moderators still do rank adjustments, or if they don’t, reinstate the practice.

But … there’s no suggestion to play weaker players.

In fact, playing weaker players does similarly little to help your rank as playing way stronger ones.

You need to play more games against slightly stronger opponents - the perfect situation: challenging, a chance to win, and a chance to improve our rank.

Good point, sorry for misunderstanding :slight_smile:

I have sometimes seen some players put the rank restrictions really close to their own rank, blocking lower players from the challenge.

If DDKs don’t do this, then you can actually play who you want and the rank doesn’t matter.

There is still an issue with automatch, not sure if it’s a big deal.

Yeah, if everyone always only tries to play up, then no-one gets a game :slight_smile:

However, fortunately the ranking system caters for that too :slight_smile:

The thing is that when you are misplaced too low, then it’s right to only play up - you will win upwards games and rank up.

But once you are at your correct rank, you will no longer be able to have an even win/loss ratio by only playing up. This is self-evident: if your rank is correct, then you will lose more than you win by playing up.

This will result in your rank trending down again. Thus you are induced to accept some downwards games as well to maintain your rank.

So the best thing is if everyone keeps an eye on win-loss, and plays up when they are ahead and down when they are behind: then the ranking system is most efficient at quickly getting the rank right.

It’s probably most satisfying too - a balance of challenge and victory :slight_smile:

It’s also why there is no point in complaining about your rank if you have a lopsided ratio. The answer is clear: fix that and everything will work out fine.



Hey GreenAsJade,
OP here. Thank you! I don’t know why I didn’t get notifications about the replies. I appreciate you looking into it!

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While I agree with everything @GreenAsJade has said, as a point of reference I do not believe our new system permits manual rating changes. This is why new players have a fixed starting point with a low confidence rating. The system relies on it being the sole adjuster of rank.