Ratings chart shows incorrect number of games played

The ratings chart only shows the last 5000 games played in the selected category.

This means that the number of games played on the three board sizes or time settings can add up to more than the overall number of games played which never exceeds 5000.

you played over 5000 games on OGS?

It’s amazing but true - there are people who have.

It’s a bit like the IPv64problem… who’d have thought we need more than 4.3 billion IP addresses…

(I suspect that OGS has another numeric kind of limitation, of 25x25 board size also, so don’t go ask for 43x43 to be made available :smiley: ).

Well we kind of hijacked the thread, sorry, but

Pffffff. Ye of little faith. The coordinates did sort of run out of lettres, but other than that… :smiley:

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Wow. This in the category of “how does that even work??” (based on code I’ve been poking around in). I’m truly amazed :slight_smile:

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