Real board tsumego problem

black to play, cannot take the KO immediately since white just took!
Actual game I played earlier today
missed it in game, just randomly played a move then resigned as black

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I guarantee you do not have a ko threat anywhere on the board worth 68 points. No matter where you played, white would have captured.

i had the same thought in game, until i reviewed later on

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Oh duh lol


you fill the square to get the extra liberty, then it’s white who needs to find the impossible ko threat.


at a glance, there is L10.

im also eyeing the lower left corner ^^. probably starting at C3. (dont ask me to read it all out ^^)
oh and there is S3… its probably smaller than the ko, but black may avoid resignation.

[Ps. i didnt actually check any oft hese thoroughly, theyd be my starting points.]

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Asside from the answers given, S3 is a large move for black to mkae as a ko threat, as it threatens to kill another reletivly huge white group.

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another tsumego i missed in game as black

black to play to capture/win the game

my read

for the left group:
F2, white has to respond at G2 or group G3 loses the race.
G1, white has to capture at F1
H1, C1
black atari at H2, white F2
D1, E1, B1 B2, D1

The right group seems to be alive.


Every once in a while I encounter a situation in a game that is fit for a tsumego.
Sometimes I put them in my Special Projects collection.

Just this morning … a nice one

2 is not the correct move. B9 would have done the trick.

Black to play.

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