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I took a look at OGS groups, as part of my last promoting initiative and noticed that here are almost 4 thousands groups, 90 percent of them with less than a dozen members. Of course most of them have an online purpose, but I assume that many are real life groups too, I mean the members are part af a real club that plays on real boards too.

I am curious to find how many such groups are here with the idea of launching an competition among promoters. I challenge all clubs interested to copy this promoting idea that consist in a group dedicated to beginners on OGS, a blog page where are listed the resources necessary for a beginner to learn the rules and basics, and a poster distributed to local schools.

Please answer here with only the link to the OGS group, and the only short group info, and the detail about promoting We promote Go around, and we are ( or not) interested in such a challenge, or … we just play, we never promoted Go.

I will reply with my own example.

Please do not discuss other details here. If there will be interest in such an action I will start other thread. This is just an poll.

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We are a club, or remnants of few clubs active along last decades in the cities of Galați and Brăila Romania. is our OGS group.

We had many promoters during the years, and still have some.

And for sure we are interested in competing with other promoters

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  • We are a club interested in promoting
  • We are a club not interested in promoting

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