Real-time API for games list

Is there any documentation about how to get games list through Real-time API.
I mean there is possibility to connect to any game by game_id like this:
socket.emit(“game/connect”, {game_id: 123, player_id: 1, chat: true});

Is it possible to get a games list this way? (games list - it’s currently playing games)

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I saw this page. This documentation is not a full. For example there is no anything about socket.emit(“seek_graph/connect”, {channel: “global”});
socket.on(“seekgraph/global”, handler);

At least names of events for getting games list would be great. Thank you!

Look at this. I don’t have sample code with me at the moment, but i think this is pretty close.

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This is api for challenges, i need api for list of currently playing games. I mean events “seek_graph/connect” and “seekgraph/global” works with list of challenges. i’m asking for events for list of games.

Okay, I think this is what you want. But i have never used this particular endpoint on the API, so we should get @matburt or @anoek to chime in.


Yeeeaaah.This is exactly that i was asking for. Thank you very much!!!


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