Real-time challenges API?

Hello. First, thanks for all the API work! I have built my own game seek interface, and it’s lovely that I can do this!

Currently I’m polling the REST endpoint for challenges. This doesn’t bother me too much, but keeping the interface up to date burns through lots of API requests – and I’m competing to click first against players using the official client’s seekgraph/global stuff!

I wonder if there is any undocumented support for challenges in the real-time API, or any plans to expose it? The seekgraph/global stuff looks perfect, but I guess it is not exposed in the API?

Oh, lovely. I didn’t look closely enough at my record of what the official client is doing. Sorry for the noise. :smile:

socket.emit("seek_graph/connect", {channel: "global"});
socket.on("seekgraph/global", handler);


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