Really disable AI review

There are already automatically closed similar topics on this so I am back here.

When i want to review a game of someone else, disabling the AI review doesn’t provide what I expect to be.

If i click where the AI wants me to play i still get its variation when i only want to play that single move.

It’s really annoying to the point that I gave up the review I was going to give.

Please, change this asap!


If you make a review, there’re no AI variations.


A this is interesting.

So if i still want to keep checking AI suggestions from times to times, i open a review in one tab (which will have no AI at all ) and in another tab i keep the original game with AI.
It works.

Still if i just want to add a few variations (and don’t go through the process of opening a review) directly in the game i have that problem that even with AI disabled, clicking a “invisible” AI suggestion will trigger the full variation instead of simply putting the move alone.

Is it fixed already? :open_mouth:

Could you demonstrate this somehow? I tried to replicate your claim and found disable AI to be working as expected?

I know what he is talkin about and I just tested it again and it didn’t seem to be there anymore. Perhaps Anoek got around to it? I rly hope so - This was one of the most annoying bugs around.

I confirm that the behavior changed (I started the demonstration again with screenshots), it looks like all is in order now, that’s awesome!

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I got warned by someone else that it wasn’t fully working so tested a little more. It seems to be inconsistent somehow. It doesn’t give variations for moves in general when disabled but still does for the blue moves you happened to click before.

Bhydden - Click a blue move, disable ai review, then take back the move and play it again. It shouldn’t show the ghost variation since ai is disabled but it does.

However I’m pretty sure the issue was much worse before. There must have been a fix. It seems pretty much sufferable now, especially since you can get rid of any remnants of enabled ai with one refresh.

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I’m wondering whether it’s possible that you had already clicked on the variation and loaded it into the game tree, and THEN disabled AI review and noticed that the tree persisted? (This I would expect to happen)

I just tried exactly what you described and had no ghost variations? shrug sorry

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This was brought up a few times before. There was such a weirdness with ai reviews, that it was even hard to describe. See 100% of people voting that the ai review issue required a solution.

I think this “ai branches getting stuck on the board” was the main issue.

As I said, it is inconsistent. I didn’t get them either at first in a game but i tested further in other games and moves and still got them.


Yeah, this seems to be the issue. When you click a blue move first and then disable the ai review, not only that first move gets stuck on the board but the entire ghost variation (til you refresh). It doesn’t happen when the blue move and the game move are the same because then, OGS ai doesn’t give you a long variation automatically.

However this is the (small) issue now. Unless my memory and brief testing aren’t fooling me, it was much worse til recently.