Really slow games

I am a 8 kyu player, but now with my family and all the work on Discourse I am finding it really hard to set time for a game.

I remember back in the day there was an email Go thing, where you can just play a move a day. Does something like this still exist?

Are there any other options out there for people who are really time poor but would still like to play a 19x19 game?


It’s called correspondence. Just set the game speed to that and adjust the time settings according to your needs.

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In fact, that’s our number one type of game here at OGS :slight_smile: You can have several games going at once too and just make your moves when you have time kind of thing. We’ll email you when you have a move to make :slight_smile:

I’m a little slow I didn’t catch this first pass - Thanks for your work on Discourse by the way, we’ve really loved it here at OGS!

And welcome to OGS! I encourage you to make some open challenges with the time controls you want, they usually get picked up pretty quickly these days :slight_smile: