Received my first go book after almost one year ^^

To the difficulty of get bo books

So I started learning go from the first time in February 2023, I was a absolute and complete beginner (37 kyu :grin:) and have a blast to discover and learn this game, few weeks after that I was thinking it could be a good idea to get a go book to study. So I choice “le language des pierres” of Motoki Noguchi, a good book for complete beginner, and wait for the delivery confidently. But after one month, the book were nothing to be seen, after some investigation with the editor and my library, we know the book get lost because of the post somewhere in a another place… So second try, the editor send it again, but the process was slow and by the time the book arrived I was already at the other side of the world.
And after some months my family finally send the after mentioned book :sob:(10 month after i buy it ahahah). I’m very happy to finally able to read it after so many times, but… i’m already 10 kyu now so it’s kinda less interesting now ahahah​:sweat_smile:
But it’s fun to see that all the concept explained in the book, i have discovered these by practice and by “my self” , and i 'm quite to happy to have learned these this way because i really “own” these concept now

Please if you have some good books to recommend at a 10 kyu learner, please do it ! ( Can be English books, tsumego, strategy…) And because i’m in Korea now if you know some very good Korean tsumego book to recommend I take too !! (Or nice place to play, i take that too :wink:


I really liked Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go when I was around 9/10k and had been playing for a month.

I think it gave me some excellent perspectives into fundamentals which I wasn’t aware of at the time, and it can help stronger players at other levels too.

The ladder reading exercises at the beginning and general concept were excellent, too.

I still enjoy it and am planning to reread it slowly now. ^^

I think it’s freely available here :

Not a book directly about teaching specific tactics, but I have been reading Cho Hunhyun’s autobiography ‘‘Go With the Flow’’ recently and I find it very inspiring (and perhaps helpful to one’s outlook and approach to go). :slight_smile:

You may also find this ludo-educative collection of tsumego/exercises “Section 9” helpful. I think it’s really excellent. ^^

It’s free and developped with permission from some book authors (including from Motoki’s books), covering many key fundamental concepts.

This is the link to the discord (in French) where you can start the exercises (there is a section of exercises for DDK, and one for 8k-2k you can also try, as well as a section for 4k-dan+) :


Thanks you so much for the link of the first book!!! So useful! I started to check it now and the first few paragraphs make me smile " the flourishing state of go" the great rise in the go playing public" , it’s not something people say these days ahaha

And the rest of the book seem to be very insightful ~~~ lot of material for thought!

And i agreed on the fact to after knowing the rules and two eyes, start just by playing a lot, it’s just so much fun to discover by trying and crashing ahahah

If someone in Korea, want “le language des pierres” i give this one for free ^^


Books I liked when I was around 10k:


Too late to say it, that were my favorites too!

Almost all these books in english translated from Japan that existed then gave me a lot of pleasure. You can chose by title fitting with your interest of the moment.

Try to read actively, ask yourself what the writer wants to show you for each diagram before reading his analysis.

I would maybe simply discard in the beginning and 38 basic Josekis and those few books on opening because they are bit outdated from the AI revolution.