Received two medals for a single tournament

Today I took part in this tournament

I beat gloriously a 25k player :wink: , lost my second game helplessly and achieved a third place.

After the tournament ended two medals showed up in my profile

Bug or feature?

Yah it’s an annoying little bug.

Forgot to say, that regarding the circumstances I’d prefer none to one. Not speaking of two.

I’m quite sure you can prevent receiving any trophies by resigning from a tournament.

I might try this another time. After I lost my second game I watched the final and bang, no possibility to resign because the tournament was finished.

There are double trophies in every single elimination tournament. It happens if there are not enough tiebreakers to decide the ranks unambiguously.


Now I see. Because there was no deciding game for the third place, I received both medals (like in someolympic competitions).

I see. Good to know.

Almost :wink: The system becomes confused and assigns the medals a second time to the same 3 people.

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