Recent activity highlight fade out when loading the forums

When I load the forum main site, the new topics or topics that have recent messages are “highlighted” and they have blue background. This background fades very quickly like in 2-5 seconds. Very similar to when you hit Home or End buttons on a thread. I feel this highlight fade out is too fast. I rarely have time to read all of the topic titles and after the background has faded out it is impossible to say what topics have new messages in them.
Is this fade out timer adjustable? I did a quick look in the google but there was only some questions about changing the colour of the highlight.

I don’t think that feature’s purpose is telling you precisely which topics have changed, but giving you a visual feedback of how many stuff is interesting.
In your preferences you can adjust the automatic tracking behaviour:

Tracking: next to the topic is a blue bubble with the number of unread messages (grey, if you already entered the topic, but have not read the messages)
new: a blue point with the text “new” is next to topics you’ve never entered.


I agree with Pempu. The highlighting disappears and I have made the mistake of thinking there is nothing new at all.

Thanks flowing. That helped.