Recent problems playing active games

Greetings folks
Just recently, whenever I play an live game my board shakes.
It oscillates at a regular speed on the diagonal.
No other software on my computer acts the same way, making me think the problem is on the host server.
I am not good on computers, but this is certainly spoiling my Go games.

Any advice?

It helps for you to specify your platform and browser (version too)

Browser = Firefox
Platform =???

OS = Windows 7

I too have this problem, it only just started not long ago. it does not matter the board size or game type. if the window using chrome is maximised then the board shakes or oscillates as Ciaran57hk puts it.

i run chrome,
on windows 8 64 bit
CPU i5-4440
Geforce GTX 760

What version of chrome/firefox?

You do realize that there is a huge number of people online whose knowledge of software is nearly zero?
I am one of those people … :frowning:
seriously though …all I know about Firefox is my icon that I click on. I chose Firefox because it seems very laudable. Internet free for the world and all that.
Actually I have NO idea whether it is wiser to use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
If you think I’m bad … talk tomy wife.
The only thing she knows about software is that you can’t drop it on the ground.

I have often wanted a site where nice geeks talk to computer ignoramuses like myself.
Know of any?
So much knowledge online … and so much pride.
How about a nice humble BBS where ordinary people can learn?

If you know how to use google you can do anything!

chrome version 40.0.2214.111 m

More directly: