Recognizing bots

Hi all, I’m sorry if this question has already been asked, but I can’t seem to find a thorough answer.

Is there a way to recognize bots with confidence? I’ve seen that many bot profiles have an “Artificial Intelligence” legend underneath their profile picture, but are these the only bots? Is it possible that other bots exist that don’t have this? Or is there some kind of list of all bots on the site?


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Hello Pelscpe,

unfortunately with an advent of free pro-strength bots this is a hot topic so to say.

You can recognize “honest” bots by a grey username (and artificial intelligence on their profile). That is the only way, to get an API key to automatically relay moves and the only way of running a bot we approve of.

However there is no sure way of knowing whether or not your opponent is running a bot on another monitor and just relaying the moves manually. You will just have to trust the honesty of most of our players on that :slight_smile:

If you have some suspicion about a particular account, do feel free to send me details in PM and we can have a look in greater detail.


Thanks a lot Adam! :slight_smile: