Recommend a set!

I’m looking for a Go set to buy for Christmas. My budget is $200. I love the idea of floor boards, but I haven’t found that kind of set within my budget.

With your recommendations please give an explanation as to why you recommend it. I’m fairly new to Go equipment, so I’d like to hear read opinions on convex vs. biconvex stones, stone material, and board and stone container materials.

Maybe you could also answer a question I have: how do I know what size stones go to which boards?


This is the first (and only so far) set which I have bought and I have been very happy with it, though if you don’t plan on needing to stuff it into a backpack, you should probably find one that doesn’t fold.

if I were you, and i hate to say this, but I would write off a floor board immediately. The cheapest Floor board on Go Game Guru (not set, but just board) is just over $400. Now, if you write off Floor boards and accept a table board, you open up a lot of options. You can get a full set that includes a Shin Kaya board, Stones, and some rather nice bowls all for $150 on Go Game Guru. You’d have to get someone else’s opinion on Shin Kaya, though, as I’ve never had the pleasure of playing on a Shin Kaya board.

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I actually just won an auction for a used 4.7" shin kaya floor board for only $150 hehe. It’s a little worn, but it’s still in great condition and is perfectly playable. I can’t wait for it to arrive. It’s a japanese board though, so what size stones should I get?

Korean stones will be too small and chinese too big.