Recommendations for rank restrictions?

I’ve been thinking. What are some good recommendations for rank restrictions. Generally you want balanced diet of strong and weak opponents, especially since Glicko the god of ranks seems sensitive to winning/losing streaks.

Fundamentally the problem is that there’re too few very strong and very weak players. Also, maybe when people accept games they rather prefer a slightly stronger player than slightly weaker one. So even reasonable rank restrictions can lead to unbalanced opponent selection.

For example, as a 3k my settings are min 5k and stronger, and still 2/3 of my games are against weaker opponents.


If you truly want to maintain a balance between playing up and playing down, why don’t you alternate between game settings of 3k-3d and 7k-3k (or adjust for how many stones away you’re happy to play) that way you take luck/chance out of it.


Continue with your rank settings but enable “hide rank” so your play isn’t corrupted


That said if you do play with handicap stones it’ll be a little bit of a giveaway :slight_smile:

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