Recommended AI move is a blunder

I played a game recently where the AI recommended move is shown to be one of the 6 biggest blunders at the end of the game. This has happened to me before on a handful of occasions. The move is a 20 point loss, and a 59% reduction in probability to win. Two other suggested moves are shown on the board, each one has both a lower point loss and a lower loss in chance to win.

Is the suggested move a bug, or does the AI factor other things besides change in score and chance to win?

I also suggest preventing the 6 biggest mistakes at the end of the game from including the recommended AI move.

Move 15, game in question: numbat vs. PRHG

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It’s a feature we’re trying out to persuade people not to use the AI recommendations in-game.

OK, no, it’s not :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m not sure if it’s even safe to post this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Note: I added the level IV analysis to that game, which selects a better move. No idea why the original level II analysis would have such a weird idea about the next move. Isn’t it something about number of visits though?

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