Recommended Change to Game log on profile

I have an idea for an improvement to the profile page.

When looking at the graph of a players rank on a profile page, based on trends in the graph, it would be nice to be able to highlight a portion of the graph (say where a player ranks up quite a bit) and have the corresponding games from those time deliminations be sorted to the top of the game log just below.

I say this because if someone is experiencing a bad stretch or a good stretch of play over some days, they can investigate the reasons why by looking at those games without having to explicitly enter in the dates.

This is a small and unurgent request, I hope other people see the utility in such a tool.

Thank you,



Uhhhh that’s sounds like quite a complicated coding work (to me a layman), but I can see the idea behind it.

I can guess that it will not be urgent enough for our devs for a looong time, but think it should be doable from the frontend only, which is open source, if (you yourself or) anyone experienced with coding wanted to take a stab at such a function.


I wasn’t aware that the front end is open source!

That’s awesome, I do some data science work as well as some web app development.
I will totally look into this my self, and maybe I can make a tool that does this my self.

thank you~