Recommended reading? Biographies etc

Does anyone have recommended fun go books to read - not ones about Tesuji etc, but about the people and the history? Ideally something that does for Go what Angry White Pyjamas did for Aikido…

A good auto-biography would be fun to get through I think…



The Master of Go, not exactly “fun”
… Kawabata Yasunari, Nobel Laureate.


This is the biography of AJI :grin: : Aji’s Quest

It’s a slightly lighter read than ‘The Master of Go’.

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Go With the Flow by Cho Hunhyun


Thanks, added to kindle!

The Master of GO is famous and interesting as it covers a real match and has both historical and fictional aspects.

Kamakura is a look at the 10 Game series between GO Seigen and Kitani Minoru the two great players earlier in the last century. It not only gives the games and the Kifu, but it gives a bio of each player, history surrounding the match and some background about each game.

Mr Fairburn has written other books on GO history in Japan. Well worth looking up. It is interesting to learn the rather soap opera side of Classic GO in Japan. Becoming and maintaining Honinibo status was not just about playing ability! I personally find the history and personalities as interesting as the game. You also get glimpses in Japanese History.


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Just finished this and very much enjoyed it as a light read with interesting insights. It’s lovely to see the descriptions of all the different players and styles, the calls for originality, and the reminder that it’s a game of two players - not just a search for the ‘perfect’ move but one that accommodates style, personality and preference…

Thanks. Have picked up a sample for my kindle

No one did mention “the treasure chest enigma” which was distributed by Ishi Press. See Sensei Lib for more on this book.
Besides this, in some of the go worlds (the magazine), you can find what you re asking for Too.
“Invincible” the wonderful book on Shusaku has many pages introducing the go scene in Japan at his time.

Haylees ‘Outside the board’

Basically a diary of times when she was still new professional.

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