Reduced Loosing time if people quit lost games

The best example I can give is on Lichess. If the engine evaluates the position as clearly lost your time to loose is much smaller. So many people tend to quit because the lost but still have insane amounts of time which is really getting on my nerves. I dont think implementing that would be tooo hard. Thx

As in you’re in a situation where you’re clearly winning the game but your opponent plays on and has a lot of time on their clock?

One could just play faster time settings, or if they’re genuinely playing on in hopeless situations one could contact a mod.

If it’s more like making a mistake in the opening, I think it’s fair to try to play on for a while.

I can tell you straight up that this is not something that is going to be implemented.

Not because I have any say in it, but because OGS doesn’t encode ideas like that.

I’m not sure I understand but is this about escapers ? In that if someone disconnected they get a countdown clock of 5 mins but if katago estimates that they are losing significantly then the timer could be cut to 1 minute say. Seems reasonable to me, subject to agreeing a threshold for “losing significantly”.


I’d rather we have a universal two- or three-minute timer, as I’ve said in the past.

Five mins is too long, imo.


If this is implemented, this is worse than yelling at the opponent to resign in the chat. :grinning:

This happens often in Fox in my short experience there. People just leave. Luckily I only play the regular 20 minutes game and just need to wait for 5-10 minutes max.

I had a game on OGS where I was in trouble. I knew it, thus took maybe 10 minutes to read. My opponent resigned. But it was a 60 minutes main time game. I set it up just so I have enough time to think.

There are pros and cons of “slow” live games. What can you do? I would just do something else online while waiting.

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One of the more biting memes of late.

One (more) option: put a strong alarm when your opponent plays.

If this waiting time becomes a big problem we could consider a check like a small popup to click every 5mn to make sure the opponent is here and not be unfair with player’s who are using their time still on the game.

I don’t think everyone can be pleased.

You could use Fischer time with a fairly short basic time (5-10 minutes) and an increment of 20s or so. Then the pace of the game is not like blitz, but you don’t have to wait very long if they abandon the game.


You have to make sure to cap it tightly if that’t the intention, though.

When I want a relax game, Fisher 3mn +1mn max 3mn

Now nothing is perfect, as you are still capped by the 3mn when you decide to take a big look and time.

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Lost 6-7 games in a row in KGS yesterday. I don’t mind waiting for an hour for any win now.


Interesting, I agree with the premise of this post though not sure how it would be implemented if I understand correctly. Not sure how my other post is relevant.

That post is about 3-5 minute 9x9 and 13x13 games where people forget they are playing entirely and go off in Zen mode and I’ve played, they are just not present at all and it’s their turn. Not slow 30-60 minute 19x19 games where people are using their time on their own turns. Could not be more different of a situation.

If you agree to a time, that’s fine. I was voicing concern over people literally forgetting they are playing a live game (thinking it too is correspondence) and wasting their main time on correspondence games and timing out on their own turns.

Not relevant to the OP but just the quoted text.

What I mean is if a person says “no problem use as much of you’re thinking time as you want, I’ll just do other things while waiting” some people would get annoyed at that, as their opponent is disconnecting/disappearing to do other things. Maybe they’ll forget to come back, maybe they won’t.

It is surprising though that people would think in a 3-5 minute main time game that they have enough time to go and do other things, play other correspondence games etc. I don’t think I’d be able for it without playing thrash in the game :slight_smile:

I do find it rude when the opponent actually disconnects between turns.

The shift in display to their disconnect timer is distracting to the player thinking, and it can be interpreted as a non-vocal “hurry up!” which has no place in a friendly game.

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In my case I genuinely think some players I’m referring to don’t know it’s a live game. They hit autoplay at some point, it was taking >1 minute, got distracted and forgot they hit it (or believed they hit cancel), then a game popped up between turns and they didn’t realize it was live. This has actually happened to me as well but every time it has I’ve realized it was live really quickly. I also don’t use Zen mode that much anymore, so if you are starting in Zen mode, that could easily turn into a game pops up, you don’t know it’s live, but I can’t remember how that works with live games.

So in some cases it can be deliberate and they’ll play multiple games at once, but in others I just think they don’t even know they are playing a live game and keep switching to their new moves that pop up.

I don’t chat observing games, but once I couldn’t help and said: I am amazed you two can chat and play.

The response?

Well, we are go players and know how to think fast.

Something like that. I was speechless.

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