Regional TNL leagues might solve scheduling across time zones

Hi, it can be quite hard to schedule a game if the time difference between the players is 9 hrs. Maybe we could solve the problem by having multiple TNL regions:

TNL Europe, TNL America, and TNL Asia (if there are enough players). There would probably be too few super strong players in each TNL region, so it might also make sense to have a TNL Masters league for them to play in.

Any thoughts?

I like to play middle of the night, thank god there is american players in the league so i dont have to demand all other players to be awake from 2 to 4 am.

Remember that even if guys are on the same timezone, not all the players have same hours when they can play.
And since there is whole month time to play, it’s hard to imagine that within that month you can’t find even a single date&time that would be good for both, even if you are in the opposite sides of the planet.


I have to agree that it works for me as-is.


Same here, in three months, I’ve only had one problem scheduling a game, and it eventually worked itself out (albeit with a bit of luck).

Yeah - works for me as is too