Registration period for Auto-Corr-Round-Robins

I’m referring to these three regularly scheduled tournaments which occur every three days:

Would you please consider increasing the registration period from 6hrs to 24hrs? The registration window is always at the same time of day which may not suit some of the people who would have time to participate. My hope is that this is a quick and easy change that will increase participation. :pray: Thankyou.


seems like a fair request, really though every correspondence tournament should have at least a 24 hour registration window…


For the round-robins who have a maximum of 10 participants, there is actually no reason at all why there should not be always a new challenge opened after one has become full.


I like that idea too @Wulfenia but I would guess that it would require coding changes. I’m hoping the registration window can be increased with just ‘tournament settings’ changes.

I like both ideas (increasing the registration period and spawning a new tournament when one’s filled). I’ll see what the devs think about that!