Relationship advice needed

Only kidding - It’s a review request really. Would someone care to review this game and tell me how I can do better?

Thanks in advance


Love the contrast between the title and the content. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps. A quick review while I should be working :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks for your time. No questions at the moment, but I’ve only run through it once. Most of your points are pretty obvious once I think about them, which makes me wonder why I didn’t think about them at the time

Actually, I do have a question. Move 71 where you suggested enclosing on a large scale. I have to say I wouldn’t have thought about this as an option. Would it be too much to ask you to go into some more detail. You say that White would have a tough time. Should I expect to be able to kill white? I’m assuming that putting W on the defensive would translate as profit in the centre for me, but that kind of thinking is rather new to me.

I added some explanation on mv 71. I hope this makes sense :smile: The variations I added are not to be taken as gospel, more as a reference for good direction. There’s no telling what your opponent may do in any given situation.

Yeah - I promise I won’t hold it against you if a future opponent fails to cooperate when I apply your advice. :slight_smile: Amazingly fast work by the way. Thanks again.

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