Relentless sgf

I discovered this exquisite e-book here on OGS.
Sadly same time I learned that gogameguru website was defunct (there is still a link in “other go resources” which can be removed btw)
So I can’t wait to download the sgf associated to the book! Is there anyone who have them already on OGS, or anyone would could give me a link?

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I don’t know if the archived version for the website has the games.

There was comments on the archived store page saying that they couldn’t find anywhere to download the sgfs at the time for a couple of months. Somebody suggested using a tag for the Mlily cup but sure at that stage you can just look up the games themselves.

I suppose if you happen to be replaying a particular game as you’re reading you might be able to find it on for example with it’s search feature.

Seems to be the first game

Or go4go filtered by games between Gu Li and Lee sedol probably have a lot of them

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I have not been able to find what you are exactly looking for (the SGF companion for the Relentless book), however, here are some potentially useful, related information:

Ever since GoGameGuru went defunct, a lot of material went offline and disappeared. They had part of their content on GitHub:

However, the commented go games on GitHub is a fraction of what was on their site.

It is still possible to find some old content via the Internet Archive Wayback machine:

By following through the links via the Wayback machine, it is even possible to download the SGFs for the individual game commentaries of the Lee Sedol vs Gu Li Jubango.


I saw those but didn’t check to see if they were commented in the sgfs. I guess I thought the main commentary would be in the book anyway.

But the jubango sgfs and like 40-50 other games are on go4go anyway

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Thanks for answering. I will check all these.

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