Rematch: Color option, random defaults to the color I was just playing

If I choose ‘random’ for the color, and then rematch, then the option changes from ‘random’ to ‘white’, so now on a rematch I am always white.
And also if I ‘Play->Computer’ and start a new game then the color will be set to ‘white’.

The same thing if on the first game I have instead been randomly selected as ‘black’, the color option is now always set to black.

I checked with 2 different bots: doge_bot_4 and budgie. Both show the same fault / bug.

I agree this would be a nice improvement. Currently the original challenge isn’t stored on the game, so that’s the main blocker. Maybe with Challenge Links linking the info becomes a little easier?

This is a bug with the settings for color.
No setting should change.