Rematch request - time settings glitch

Whenever I use the “rematch” button after a game has ended and I change the time settings, after creating the game request, the time settings for the new request will inevitably have defaulted back to those of the previous game. This has been happening since time immemorial, I’ve simply been too lazy to report it. I play correspondence exclusively, not sure if that is a factor in this glitch or not.

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previous game

This is the game you just finished, or the last challenge you set up?

If it is the former, it seems like that is by design, no?

That could well be the case, but if so it was an oversight to give the illusion that new time settings could be selected if they always default back regardless.

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Ohhh I definitely read that wrong. I thought Maharani was opening the rematch options and the settings for the last game were in there as the defaults. Not that she changes them and then they switch back. That’s odd and I don’t think I’ve experienced that bug (I just requested a rematch today).

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Yeah, I don’t use rematch myself very often… but I don’t recall having heard of anyone else bringing up this issue here… so it’s definitely a unique one, though Maharani seems to indicate it is a regular experience… peculiar indeed

Just to confirm that yes, I’m talking about changing the time settings while creating the rematch request, only to have them default back to the previous game’s time settings once the challenge is submitted. Happens both on my phone and computer (different OS and browsers, respectively). It does NOT happen when changing the board size.

It is the same when trying to fork the game, it suggests the previous settings you have used when you created any challenges, and not the ones that the game you’re trying to fork had.

It would be nice, if it would automatically assign you the color you had, the komi that was in used and the timecontrols what the original game had.

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Probably this:

In case any of you wanted to add some details

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