Remembering AlphaGo vs Ke Jie

23 May

25 May

26 May

27 May


A team of 5 go players… I didn’t know that.

Should it be stronger than one single player?
Is it doable to cooperate and reach a compromise stronger than each participant?


I guess they tried to join their brains, yes.
And it’s quite an impressive team


I guess that too, but what happens when someone wants to attack while someone else wants to defend?
I fear that compromise wouldn’t be stronger than each of them.

On the other side, a team could find more good moves than a single player.
So I’m really undecided in what could be better.

I dunno how exactly they managed. But the motivation to beat the AI may overcome the uncooperativeness.
Maybe majority decides? Note that team study is a fact (same in Korea) and is supposed to have been one of the main reason of the predominance of these countries in international championship.

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At least someone didn’t know something, so the remembering isn’t a waste.

Since those pros know each other, they probably have pecking order figured out. And probably they have captain.


At like 1am you’re post convinced me to continue watching the commentary of game 1 where I stopped (I started rewatching the Lee Sedol and began the Ke Jie game commentaries recently when Michael Redmonds book came out).

So that’s something, although I should’ve been sleeping :slight_smile:

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The team game is where the famous “face palm laughing” meme emerged.

Do you have it @S_Alexander ? I know it’s in the meme thread.


If I recall correctly from the team match commentary, there was always one pro making the final calls, but who it was shifted throughout the game to play to their strengths.


the Team Go match was super entertaining. It has been in my avatar on OGS for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

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