Remove rengo from active list after leaving game

How do I achieve the title? I joined two rengo games, and then lost interest in watching weeks and weeks of timeouts. Now I cannot find a way to remove them from my active games list when I no longer active and they keep dragging on cluttering up my active games list.

How can I opt out?



Sadly you cant, not yet. Hopefully someone codes that feature soon ^^


filed a github bug #1985

May be a feature request instead but dev’s can decide.



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Dev’s either accept the input or don’t. That’s on them. But the feedback is placed officially.


Perhaps a broader solution would be to add filters to the Active games list, similar to the ones in the game history list.


Same thing goes for correspondence tournaments.
I finished my games weeks ago.
Still the tournament is listed in the activity box.
(Doesn’t really bother me, it will disappear when all games are finished)

Yes I was just sharing rengo’s main developer’s (old?) position, just to let you know. I would prefer to see them removed too


An option to voluntarily hide or remove the game from the list of active games would be good indeed, but I hope it never becomes the default. Just because I’ve timed out or resigned from a casual rengo doesn’t mean I don’t want to see the remainder of the game.


@ArsenLapin1 I am ok with inclusion being the default, but for those who wish it, there should be an opt out for us who wish it.

@_Sofiam thanks for the history, my response was not meant to be ad hominem to you or the developer. I registered my position and they will do as they see fit. But my position is on the official registry. Rengo is fun, and I’m certain we’ve played a game or two recently, but I just don’t want to be reminded of my failure or change of heart quite so blatantly each time I log in.

@Atorrante I am referring to to the active games list not the profile activity which seems to hold a different set of data. I have two long running rengo games I dropped out of weeks ago that still clutter up my list. I would like to opt away from them or put them elsewhere in the display.

@turtoise my bug write up acknowledges that if taken into account this fix/feature could be used for other means, including expanded filtering. My reference was to observation/following other players games as they progress, but expanded filtering or ordering could be part of this.