Removing game from start page?

While looking for a game to play I must have accidently clicked on a 2x19 multiplayer game. I apoplogied and left the game but it’s still visible on my playlist. Is there a way to remove the game from my list? I get the idea it will be there for quite a while.
I tried but couldn’t find a solution.


Sorry it’ll be there until the game ends. Not much we can do about that right now.

Hi Issa.
I feel sorry for you but you’ll have to wait that the game ends. Considering the size setting 2x25 it shouldn’t be long.

It’s not me then. I’m not that stupid :smile:
Thanks for the swift reply!


May i ask you what happened exactly? Just in case of a bug of the system which is quite new.

Did you resign by yourself?

Hello Groin,

Is this of any help?

Not really. Did you resign? If you did, all is fine.

Yes I did

Ok then. Thanks.

You’re welcome. I’ll be curiously follwing the game though

In casual rengo you can resign and the game will continue (unless no more enough players).
But be careful that it can change a lot the balance of strength between the teams, especially when the teams are small.

Have fun watching!

I’m pretty sure my resignation benefits the team I was paired up with :upside_down_face:

Players like more fair games you know. Besides it’s part of the fun to associate different levels of play in each team.

Well, in that case I apologise again for accidently joining the game.

Apologizes accepted long ago! It’s just casual rengo, i hope you will enjoy to play more rengo. It’s quite stimulating on the progress side too, not just fun.
Happy games to you.