Rengo Description Needed in Documentation

It seems that the documentation and FAQs have nothing about rengo. Have I overlooked something? My apologies if I have.

Players shouldn’t have to read more than 900 posts in the “Rengo Status” thread (let alone other threads) in order to find out the difference between “casual rengo” and “strict rengo,” how resignation is handled, how dropout is handled, and a host of other implementation matters. In addition, one would expect such a description to codify the ethical expectations of rengo. This kind of information needs to be summarized in the documentation, because of the clutter of a Forums thread (where discussions about serious issues, trivial side issues, and general chatter are all mixed together). Rengo’s absence from the documentation is inconsistent with a player-friendly platform.


I confirm that this is a problem, I had to explain the difference between “casual” and “strict” many times and players don’t have an easy way to understand it. I’m not sure if adding it in the documentation will help, but maybe I can take care of it.


If you read the 900 posts in Rengo Status you would see that I regularly invite/implore/hint that it would be good for a volunteer (other than me) to do some Rengo documentation.

You would think that amongst all the Rengo enthusiasts who howled for years to have Rengo there would be one willing to do some documentation, but we haven’t found them yet.

Maybe this thread, pointing out how much we need the documentation, will be just the thing to motivate someone.

Anyone interested can contribute here. It doesn’t matter if your knowledge is spot on - if you are wrong, someone will fix it.


Shut it down till someone volunteers!

I would do it, but I don’t have the knowledge, and I’m sure as H not reading 900 posts. However, I am willing to proof and edit the result, as I did with the original revision of the documentation and the Go Congress guide that Xhu98 wrote.


Not to be rude, but this attitude is probably why we don’t have documentation yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s okay to start small: search for “strict” and “casual”, write a summary, then ask for feedback from the community. My guess is you won’t have to read all 900 posts to do that…


Well, it worked. This shut it down motivated me to do some edits :rofl:

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Haha I meant the attitude of nobody wanting to do it. GaJ took the initiative to create documentation which is why you have something to edit…


Yes, he took the initiative after I created this thread. I have proofed and edited the wiki so far (adding a section), as I promised, and I have appended a list of questions and gaps. When these are addressed, I will do more editing and writing as needed.

What have you done about it?

i did some editing.

Yes, I liked your post above. My question was directed at the critic, benjito.

I made a comment on this thread leading you to edit the wiki. You’re welcome!

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Your are wrong. You did not lead me to edit the wiki, I had already promised to do so in my response to GreenAsJade, and I did so when the time was available.

Well that’s just like your opinion man

Now you are just trolling me.

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