Rengo is now available


I am really enjoying this. I didn’t know what Rengo was yesterday but I love it. However, I had some tech problems trying to set up live games, in that the game cancels itself before we get 4 players


The organiser has to stay connected, as if it were a normal live challenge (the same thing happens if you navigate away from a live challenge while it is waiting).

If a challenge disappears before your eyes while you are on that page, and you are sure your internet connection is solid, please do let me know.


Huge thanks!
A very dynamic and efficient synergy between finance, programation and integration.

I hope beyond the clear success of today that rengo will stay like a major and most appreciated feature of OGS.


So first of all, THANK YOU!
I cannot endure KGS anymore and I was so hoping that OGS would at some point finally get a Rengo implementation and the idea to do it with more people is fun too!

Where do we report bugs/suggestions for the feature? :slight_smile:

I think there are currently many games in the Rengo list that will never be started because the organizers have created multiple games, which shouldnt be possible right?

Regarding a suggestion: If one is currently waiting for a correspondence Rengo table to fill, one cannot open a normal 1 vs 1 live game, which seems like a weird restriction as some tables might be open for multiple games until it starts.


Report bugs here:

I’ve linked to where this was raised.


Ah, perfect. Thanks!


I love you. Thank you :pray:


I love it, but it needs work. Teams are arbitrary size, and you can’t drop out of, say, a 50-player game without resigning. For large numbers of players, there needs to be a Withdraw option so the game can go on without them.


That’s in the works as part of a casual mode.


It’s fine opportunity to try team game


I’m curious: has anyone done an analysis on how many RenGo games actually finished (with more than, say 100 moves) so far?

Of the three games I’ve joined, two have timed out and one was resigned by a team member early with no explanation. And these were even small team games.

I’d be interested to know, too. Rengo for me has always been something to do with friends, the Go equivalent of “board game night”. But part of the reason I’ve stayed away from doing it with strangers is what you mention

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There’s a new mode where a timeout and resignation doesn’t end the game, but just drops players. Hopefully will help with the problem you mentioned!

See: Rengo Casual Mode feedback


I played and finished one.
A bit hard yet with statistics too, as correspondence takes time, but i do check the games tab from time to time and see rengo running there (with many moves).


I haven’t had time lately, but I’m all for live rengo. I played 2 and was responsible for losing both times, but still, fun was had.


I am curious how many Rengo games were played.
And if it are always the same players who are playing.

Maybe it has to do with my login times, but I hardly ever see a Rengo game appear (be it in OGS beta, OGS ‘normal’, the Rengo-chat or in a forum topic).
And I have checked these places regularly for at least a week.

It would suck, if Rengo (after @GreenAsJade’s enormous efforts) would become an obsolete go variant.

I mean I don’t think anyone expected it to be played all the time (but one could say the same about various settings… how often do NZ rules pop up on the challenge page?) Even if some folks play a few times a year, it will be worth it!

I think one thing that will help enormously is if the challenge setup gets easier. Currently impossible to create a match with the players specified, so it’s difficult to set up a game among friends (which I think is a top use-case) Hopefully direct rengo challenges is a feature we can look forward to!


There are over 200 ongoing correspondence games, and several dozen open challenges, so I would not say that it is obsolete. I guess live games might be lacking, but that seems to be case for non-rengo as well. A lot of people here play correspondence.

I’m waiting for the casual mode rengo to be available on the main site. I would love to do an absolutely massive correspondence Rengo.


Rengo is still being better implemented, and in test. It’s hard to judge its success at this stage. Now many times i have at my disposal more corr rengo offers as corr games offers so how is that obsolete?
Even if (?) It lose interest, it’s already very innovative: correspondence and more as 4 players. It’s quite new fields not explored and I’m thankful for that. Even live, I see them sometimes happening which is great.