Rengo issue

Hi, I joined a rengo game around 6 months ago.

I decided to resign about 2 months in as I didn’t feel like the game was progressing much (my fault as it is correspondence). But now 4 months later the game has not still progressed and is still appearing in my active games.

Is there a reason for this game still appearing on my home page? I think I will avoid correspondence rengo from now on :joy:


This question has been asked several times in other rengo threads. I myself asked it once. The issue is a design choice, not a bug. The idea was that people might retain an interest in how the game turned out, so it remains in their active games list until it has ended.


I see.

That’s fine by me, however this issue is more relating to the fact it’s inactive and probably will last year’s :joy:

Thanks for your response

I agree. I would never join any game with 4 weeks per move. I think the ideal rengo time spec is 2 days per move. I like a little more for my regular correspondence (Fischer, 3 days +1 day up to 3 days, with weekend pause), because 1 vs 1 moves faster anyway. Many people also play “fast” correspondence, usually 12 hr. per move or less.

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