Rengo: it is time for the default to be "casual"?

We’ve had Rengo for a while now.

What do you all think about changing the default to “casual”?

  • No: strict is what we want to encourage with the default.
  • Yes: strict is so rarely what we want, casual should be the default.
  • Something else, I’ll post my thoughts.

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Strict rengo is the only go I play anymore.


I assume that changing the default to casual does mean that strict rengo can still be played, but that you have to select that option.

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Correct. Both still exist. Just changes what shows first.

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I find that strict works well for live rengos, but for corrs casual mode is definetly the way to go ^^


Why have any default? Offer two boxes: Strict rengo, casual rengo.

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For the same reason we dont have two separate boxes for “ranked” and “unranked”? More boxes means more clutter on game creation screen, and its confusing design when you have to put a checkmark on one of those, but not for both.


Not really a good analogy. Ranked and unranked are opposites, while strict and casual are just two different rulesets. There is reason to believe that many people don’t know the difference, so they are confused by the need to make a choice and wonder what they are getting themselves into.

The creation screen has room for two boxes; the “clutter” excuse is too well worn to carry much weight with me.

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But strict and casual are also opposites, and you absolutely have to choose between the two when setting up rengo challenges. Very much the same as ranked/unranked for normal games >___>

btw my reasoning for casual mode being the default is that almost 100% of all correspondence rengo games i’ve taken part of have had timeouts. Usually the first timeouts happen before everyone has even gotten their chance to play a stone, and it is quite saddening experience when game just ends before your first turn

Strict mode just doesnt seem to work very well when there are many participants, and because majority of rengo games are corrs, i feel it would make sense to avoid that combination as much as possible.

Leave the strict mode as an option for cases where the creator and all other players really want the game to end with the first timeout, but force the creator to actively choose strict mode in order to make sure that really is the desired outcome.

For example, my most recent rengo game that had very interesting 19x7 board with reverse komi handicap and 12 players on each team. You can prolly guess why the game wasnt as fun as it could have been :<


Well that seems accurate.
So i retracted my vote.

Default settings:
Live=strict (being conform with uses)
Corr=casual (being the OGS innovation)

And that’s not an option in the poll, sorry.


^^ It nearly was in the poll, then there started to be more options, so I put “other” :smiley:


Not having a default is a big UI decision. If you don’t have a default then you have start with both unselected (obviously) and then find a way to force the person to choose one or the other. This is generally a painful user experience consisting of wondering why the “Create” button is greyed out, or equally painful experience of pressing the “Create” button and getting the “you have to choose strict or casual” message.

The answer to “why have a default” is

  • to avoid this problem, and
  • to guide users in the direction they’re most likely to want to go as seamlessly as possible

I just discovered an amusing thing.

The default already is casual!

If you are seeing casual not ticked, then it’s because you unticked it at some point

So that was an easy update :joy:


I understood Conrad’s suggestion to mean that instead of “rengo” and “casual” like you have now, you can have “strict rengo” and “casual rengo”. Same number of checkboxes, no default, less clicking required.




… ah … that could be an improvement, I see.


You can try this out on beta by using this link.

If you haven’t got an account on beta, no stress: just click “register” and type nonsense into the username and password, it will be a throwaway account that you are trying this out with

The only working tick is private (and then ranked is no more available too), and the link to the forum.

If “ranked” is ticked then you can’t select either of the Rengo options.

Is that what you are observing?

At one point, the interface was clearing “ranked” when “rengo” was selected, but this is painful because you can do that by accident, and end up with a normal unranked game that you didn’t intend :woman_shrugging:

The way it is now is the way it was before in that respect: you could not select rengo if ranked was ticked.

I’ve been thinking about “how to show the user that this is the problem” … open to ideas.

(In before BHydden: maybe if you tried it in dark mode, as I have it, it would work better :wink: :smiley: )


Since I’m in there messing around, is this an improvement?

That little note goes away if Ranked is unticked.

This change should show up on Beta at that link in a few minutes.