Rengo matchmaking choices

is there a place to document bugs?
I don’t know if it’s a bug. But I ended up on a game where I was alone on the team and where

I could see the other team members chatting so… less fun.

It would be nice to have a simple automatch. I just want to play a game no need to choose my opponents :sweat_smile:.


That’s not a bug, but it is something we need to think about.

You can have 3-player rengo, but it’s clear ( as your experience shows ) that you might not want it.

Currently it’s the “organiser” who decides when it will start.

An obvious solution is another option in the challenge pane saying how many players you want to be with.

But I’m not totally sure that’s an elegant way to handle it.



I think one would most likely play 3-player rengo with people you are familiar with, so possibly 4-player rengo beeing “the standard” and 3-player rengo beeing “the special option” or something might work out? :slight_smile:


I think a quick fix would be requiring every player to explicitly accept the game to it to start. Now we have the equivalent of 1-1 matches where we let it start and anyone can cancel it at any moment… but personally I felt bad for the other people for cancelling everything just because the teams ended up in a configuration I didn’t want.

I’d expect not being alone in a team to be the default. And contradicting what I just wrote, I would prefer it starting automatically when the teams are complete. I would not care even if the teams were generated automatically taking into consideration ranks and blocks.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: I was just about to observe that starting immediately was a thought-through decision, based on the awkwardness of waiting for a whole bunch of people to click accept.

That said, I will confess that starting immediately was also by far the simplest thing to do, and it is not set in stone.

Maybe for live games, an accept by each player makes best sense, and looking at what we have now I can see that it may be able to be done reasonably elegantly, so I will put that on the list.