Rengo request that is not necessary but would be fun

I’m putting this in Go discussion because it’s really just a idea, I don’t want to stress anyone unnecessarily. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t it be fun if we could highlight in the AI graph the moves by a certain player?

A. It would be fun (not really, you know what I mean) to see that my moves dip the score consistently.
B. It would be easier to pinpoint my responses in different parts of the game or in ko situations etc.

Unless I missed something, now we can only see which rengo participant played a move by hovering above the move in the string-of-moves-window-thingy.


That would be really cool ^^

You can always go thru the game move by move and compare the top names on team list with the analysis, but thats a lot of hassle and quite overwhelming to keep track of.

Maybe GaJ knows the best if analysis could be filtered by the player?


That could be a painful feature. I like it.


Perhaps just a list of the three worst mistakes by player would be interesting?

In this rengo game

the six mistakes pinpointed by the AI were made by 5 different players (everyone except KoBa).


I’m the lucky one that got 2, obviously.

Based on my zero understanding of how things work, I think it would be easier to tell the thing “when it’s Gia, make the move line pink” than “find all the Gia lines, check them and show me the worst 3”.

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By the way, I can’t do it now, but has anyone tried a rengo game through AI sensei? Does it get confused?

I don’t get it. I thought rengo doesn’t support the full AI analysis.

I think mods can run it like in any other game.

About the rest of us, it has to be your turn or something in the last move, so AI recognizes it as your game and allows you to run full analysis. I haven’t had any luck with it, I always get the bug that says I can’t run it. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m not sure that is right. I think I’ve been the last “mover” in one or more games, but it didn’t let me run the analysis. Perhaps @flovo or @Eugene can clarify the issue.

Addition: In one game, someone ran the SGF through a commercial AI program and posted the link in the game chat.

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Look here: AI Sensei | Gia vs richyfourtytwo

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I don’t recognise the game, which 2 it takes as the players, the first mentioned in the sgf for each colour?

It’s this game: invitation only rengo

My guess: it’s the names of the players who would have to move next.

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How about making a Rengo variant where the player whose turn it is, is the player who has lost the least number of points up to that moment.

Once you make a big mistake, you’ll have to wait for your teammates to catch up in mistake-making before you get to move again :stuck_out_tongue:

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AI during the game? :merman:

You’d automate it of course, so that the players can’t see how much was lost

Still, you could get assistance from it, knowing approximately which moves worked or not.

Anyway, AI is a tool to tell us its expert opinion afterwards, we have to work with what our human mind can or cannot reach, that’s the point of playing. Otherwise, we could just feed it the ranks, it would give us a 99% win for the team with the dan and we could all go spend our time in other ways. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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If a player A doesn’t get a move for 10 turns, their last move was probably a huge mistake, like misreading the life and death status of a group. But I’m not sure it would be helpful information. If A doesn’t play for 10 turns, it means that A’s teammates probably repaired A’s mistake already.


AI assistance doesn’t necessarily mean helpful, it’s up to the one who uses it to make sense of it. Still, I believe it’s textbook AI assistance, as it’s described.

Also, if A misses their turn, the rest of the team will know to go look back for said mistake. It will be an indication that something happened there, when otherwise it’s possible that nobody would notice.


I don’t think this is what will happen.

A dan player may make less mistakes, but the points count up over time. On average, strong dans lose around 1 point per move, even professional players often lose around 0.5 points per move on average. A 15k player could lose 5 points per move on average, meaning that the dan gets to play roughly 5 times as often as the 15k player, but certainly not all the time.

It will also be quite telling (and amusing in a way) when the dan player loses their turn and then the DDK gets three turns in a row.

One can see the AI as someone sometimes telling the players “you made a mistake”, but it’s still up to the players to find it and make use of it. Also, (if the next player is decided at the start of the turn) the opponent won’t know that there has been a mistake until after they responded to the bad move, so they cannot immediately capitalise on it if they hadn’t noticed yet.

I agree that it’s a nonzero amount of AI assistance, but I don’t think it will ruin the game at all.