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Ah ok, i stayed at the beginning of the page (automatches)

“I bet I can program it” is a safe bet for Dr Strange to make: no-one can call your bluff on that bet, because rengo-undo would be a back-end feature.

I think that I did observe in the past that it would be “hard to program”, but in retrospect this feels like an overstatement. It is not the case that “undo does not exist because it is too hard to program”.

Rather, it does not exist because it would be significant effort that comes with a long tail of risk.

Undo-for-rengo would be a lot like casual mode: a feature that needs to be grafted in where it’s not really designed for in the first place.

Given that they’re just casual games, it’s really hard for me to see the point, TBH.



I don’t know if you understood what I proposed. (Sorry, my english is not good)

Here with a screenshot and paint add some letters “R” inside a square that would represent the Rengo games.
Leaving only the titles of “Short games” and “Long games” in the menu

I’m sorry for the insistence but I want to be sure that what I said was understood :slight_smile:

I think your point was clear, but I’m not sure I agree with the idea of merging regular and rengo games in a single category.

However I liked @mafidufa proposal above to change the ordering as follows, as it improves the overall visibility of live rengo without hurting other categories (due to the small number of live rengo challenges):

Live Regular Go

Live Rengo

Correspondence Regular Go

Correspondence Rengo


Yeah, I think this is the right thing to do ^^

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in casual correspondence rengo most people timeout and while it happens, game goes on very slowly. Then, when everyone except active people time-outed, game finally start to be played fast. So I have idea how to make casual correspondence fast from the beginning.
Currently only player who is placing the stone on the board has timer. Everyone should have their own timer too. But others should click “I’m still here” button instead of placing a stone. So those who are not active will timeout very soon and game would be fast.

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I spent this evening trying this out.

The problem is that the headers for Rengo and Normal are different.

That makes it look pretty higgldey piggledey…

Maybe this would be less of an issue with more rows per type of game? :woman_shrugging:

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I think for me the live - corr solution would work better, if we could add a filter for rengo games and individual games.

Someone could have both of them toggled or only one, depending on the mood, but the list would only have two parts to manage.

I generally prefer fewer devisions and more filters.

Just offering my two bonbons.

I believe the rearrangement is wasted effort. The reason there are few live rengo games is that it is hard to organize a live game among several people from a small pool that is seriously interested in rengo in the first place. It is a matter of people’s diverse timetables. The best solution already exists in the form of a Rengo Group, where players can post their interest in organizing a game, and the details can be hashed out in the chat.

The point is simply to give some visibility to the occasional live rengo games. I think we all acknowledge that it will still remain rarely used and that no rearrangement will significantly change that (and that is even the reason why I was comfortable having it higher, as anyway it will remain small and will not harm the visibility of correspondence games below).

The attempt above by @GreenAsJade doesn’t really shock me… though we may need to label “live rengo” and “correspondence rengo” rather than just “rengo”.

But we could also explore the merging and filtering option if it works better, as suggested by @sbstnmntlf and @Gia.

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Thanks to some cool new stuff, you can try this change on beta, without waiting to see if we actually deploy it to beta, via this change-specific-link:

I realised that the higglydy piggldy columns don’t really matter because in practice it will only happen if there are Live Rengo waiting … which is hardly ever :slight_smile:

To use this, you need to log in with an account on OGS beta .

(You can of course register a new account to try this).

If you arrive not-logged-in you won’t see anything on the Play page … I personally did not know this, but it’s true: the Play page is empty of games for not-logged-in people. Strikes me as odd actually :slight_smile:


Rather than doing that, which I felt was uncomfortably cumbersome, I indented the Rengo header, to try to say “this is a sub-category of Short/Correspondence”

Any thoughts for or against this change?

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On one hand, it’s good to be dedicated enough when I ask for a feature to go create a test account in beta and try it.

On the other hand, it always seems like a hassle to me, so I’m going to be rude and ask for a screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:.

It really isn’t. You click on the link, click “sign in”, click “register”, enter a username and password, and you’re done.

I did that to get this screenshot…

This is what it looks like “normally” (when there isn’t a Live Rengo):

If you have an account there you can mess around with this sort of thing :stuck_out_tongue:

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I guess the two rengo will get their discreptive “live” and “correspondence” so people aren’t confused.

I think it’s manageable, live rengo is usually a very short list.

Hmmm - I wasn’t planning to…

Maybe I should indent further :smiley:

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(For some people, that’s a hassle :stuck_out_tongue: :woman_shrugging:. I avoid having a gazillion one-use accounts as much as I can. I guess it’s just a difference of what we are used to, though. I’m just mentioning this to offer a different perspective of how people might react to stuff online, not to argue or anything. Even for phone apps that I dowload certain they are exactly what I need, I just uninstall if they ask me to create an account, unless it makes sense for their function - and only if their competitors didn’t find a way to offer the same thing without an account).



So … do we go with this layout update? :laughing:

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It’s confusing. People might think correspondence go is rengo, since it follows the rengo block.