Rengo status

It’s confusing. People might think correspondence go is rengo, since it follows the rengo block.

Personally I would change the headers to

Live Games

Live Rengo

Correspondence Games

Correspondence Rengo

The indent isn’t really jumping out to me for whatever reason (and seems like not just me).

I prefer Live Games as a header instead of Short Games, and think it is clear enough that this both Live and Blitz time controls.

But even as it is, I would take this implementation, it achieves the objective of showcasing when Live Rengo is available.


I agree with @Gia it looks confusing, I’m not sure indentation is the way to go.

In my view either you clarify “Live Rengo” / “Correspondence Rengo” (not sure why you thought it was cumbersome?) or, if you prefer, you would need to use two category levels, like:

  1. Live games
  • Regular
  • Rengo
  1. Correspondence games
  • Regular
  • Rengo

Also agreed with that, “Live” is more correct than “Short”.

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I presume the games are called short because short encompassed live + blitz which are usually distinguished elsewhere?

No, currently “Short” encompasses “Blitz” and “Normal”, while “Long” = “Correspondence”. “Live” is not used.


I think that is exactly the idea, but that it it is unneccesary. Short seems cumbersome and presented with just two categories, the natural ones to me seem like Live and Correspondence rather than Short and Long (which could also plausibly be misinterpreted as small boards and big boards).

Note that a live game can have a long time setting (and a correspondance a short one)

Live vs correspondance is surely the right way to go (with subcategories regular/rengo)

We can’t say “LIVE” because the Short Games includes Live and Blitz (as was just said :slight_smile: )

(This is why it uses the awkward word “Short”)

Not sure I agree. Automatch on top of the page has three time settings: blitz, normal and correspondence.

« Live » is not used as a time setting, so it sounds appropriate to refer to both normal and blitz, as opposed to correspondence (clearer than « short games » in any case).

But wow… I never noticed this discrepancy between the challenge modal and the Play page!

Oh thanks, I guess that’s where the misunderstanding was coming from.

But, well, since the current situation is inconsistent, I stand by my preference for “Live” to be a category referring to both Normal and Blitz. :slight_smile:


I actually do like this suggestion.

@anoek does it have legs?




And lo the great prophet did utter the words of summoning, and the high god of OGS did descend upon him and deem his cause worthy!

Let all ye who read thus rejoice!


why I don’t have list of dropped games in my profile?

I think they list the games that you dropped out of that are still in progres.

Or that’s my understanding of the intent of that.

that one is still in progress
(and dropped by me)

Ah, I took a closer look: I’m not sure about the rationale, but apparently if you resign (as opposed to timing out) it doesn’t count as “dropped”.

I resigned because there is no way my team wins
But I still wish to be notified when game actually ends.