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Does that mean that before joining, i cannot check who already joined in a live rengo challenge?

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At the moment, though honestly the price of clicking “Join” is low - you can withdraw.

There is the risk that your joining starts the match :woman_shrugging:

I can see that this could do with improving, though mere hours ago you couldn’t see who already joined any match :wink:


I can understand it takes time and effort, i just don’t see why it works for correspondance but not for live.
With the risk that the game will start, it’s bit tedious to join and leave each game to see who play, which level…

Ah hah - the actual reason why is that the ability to “View” came from “Hey, I can turn this on for people who aren’t involved” when looking at the “Manage” button in the Correspondence section.

The same does not apply for Live because it doesn’t even have a Manage button, so it’s not a “you get this almost for free” feature.

That is the underlying reason :slight_smile:


Seems i really need to test a live one . :wink:. Anyway good job staying around busy with all these suggestions and debugging. Chapeau!


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Hi, I don’t know if this is the right place to report a problem I found in Rengo modality.
This is my first message on the forum, and sorry for my English.

Last night we played this game: Rengo! Kaos y ticofy vs sbstnmntlf y MM8 And we were surprised that on two occasions there were Undo requests, and after the play was accepted and corrected, the turns were misconfigured and the player that preceded the one that requested Undo ended up being played twice in a row. We fixed this by going back several moves back.
This happened exactly on move 30 and 142

We also noticed that one of the players had the byo-yomi count set to Spanish and couldn’t hear it. Unlike the others we had it in English.
We’re not sure about the latter, but I’m reporting it anyway.

I hope to collaborate with the solution of these problems, and I really appreciate the work to implement this modality to OGS!! Thank you very very much


Thanks - undo is unexplored territory for rengo, I’ll put it on the list. It may be that the short term solution is …

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FYI you can now open more than one correspondence rengo challenge to view at a time.

(And other behind the scenes bugfixes to stop Sofia breaking stuff :smiley: :wink: )


I have noticed that rengo games are now included in the results but in a very strange way and only a small part.

For example, I’ve played at least 10 rengos against frolag, PopcornCzar and Keirm but only 6 appear in Frolag’s profile, 1 in PopcornCzar’s profile and 0 in Keirm’s profile. I can’t see any patterns in the games that appear apart from being in the opposite team, but it doesn’t always work and some games aren’t in anyone’s profile.
Only one game (that is a rengo too, here) has a result:


Is that this bug, listed in the top, or is there more as well:

I suspect that at the moment what shows in there depends on who was the “active player” at the time the game ended.


I thought about it, but it doesn’t seem to be the case (to me).
Checking from frolag’s profile, the 5 games that appear have as active players:

frolag vs another player
me vs frolag
another player vs frolag
another player vs another player
me vs another player.


“won 4 out of 14” sounds like lost 10 out of 14.
this “14” should be replaced with sum of “won” and “lost”

or maybe just write sum of all games here. display wins/loses/rengo on diagram only


Could Rengo games guitar be separated out? (Edit: no idea how a guitar snuck in there…)

1v1 games show as before with a separate section that says “Fun was had in X Rengo games with [player]” and then lists them regardless of which team you were both on.

I’m not sure about the guitar, but …

It’s definitely the case that more information should be provided about rengo games, but it is different enough that it is unlikely to fit into the same set of columns…

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Don’t tell your band :rofl:


I’m pretty sure it’s instrumental.


I like this, but I’m out of likes. I haven’t checked my profile page, but it sounds like the are quite a few errors related to Rengo history there, and I would much rather reduce the displayed information to what can be displayed accurately, than keep inaccurate information.

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Whoa, quite a few errors … them’s fighting words :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

As far as I know it’s only

Bugs! (***):

  • “You have won x against player” section of profile needs to understand Rengo

Did I overlook something in the descriptions above?

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Sounds like I had a misconception, there. Sorry about that.