Rengo and "How Many Live Challenges Can I Have At Once?"

I have found that if you have a live rengo open (looking for players) and you click join in another live rengo, the game you opened is deleted. This doesn’t happen with 1vs1 games (I’m not 100% sure, but I remember that sometimes a open game that I forgot started after that I had already started another game) and in my opinion shouldn’t happen in rengos either.

Edit: after some tests, I realized that also “normal”(1vs1) open live challenges are deleted when you join a live rengo game.
And also “normal” games seem to be deleted when you join another “normal” game", even though I’m sure it wasn’t always the case.
Maybe not everyone agrees, but in my opinion if you are waiting for rengo players you should be allowed to start other games

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A fundamental of the “way challenges work here” is that you can only have one live challenge waiting at a time.

Now that we have another “type” of game, it does seem that you might want one of each “type” waiting, though I think this still invites consideration of the initial decision: why is it that we can only have one live challenge at a time, and is that actually appropriate to extend to rengo?

I think if we want “rengo” and “normal” live challenges at same time, we’re starting to talk about separate Play pages for each, or some other more radical design change…


Probably it’s a bug, but I found a way to have 2 open games at the same time.
With 3, I get an error.



Edit: the way I wrote it, it looks like I want to keep it secret, but if it’s a bug you want to fix (I personally would prefer not to, and I would increase the limit :sweat_smile: ), it’s simply a matter of having more tabs on the “play” page and being fast


I’m aware of separate code on the server side that also limits the number you can have, which is probably the “3” number you bumped into.

I actually don’t know much about this area: I simply left it how it was and added Rengo games alongside.


You can also just open a new challenge after each successive one has been accepted until you have as many live games going as you wish.

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Right - the one thing it doesn’t let you do is wait for a live rengo team to fill and get a normal live game going.

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That is indeed a design decision I don’t like. Not the single challenge instance, but the fact that there is no “negotiation” phase constrained to the challenge window. If you want to negotiate as a potential challenge taker, you’d have to PM the challenge creator, he’d have to speak your language,…

If I could choose, I’d prefer a [x] checkbox allowing for takers to change the game parameters. Opt in, of course, in the spirit of sane defaults. If I recall correctly, all other major servers have a negotiation phase (if only for direct challenges).

Why write all ^ that? Because if game offer parameters could be amended on-the-fly (even if it was just by the challenge creator), that would make it fairly unnecessary to create two+ live game offers.


Yeah - this is a natural extension of the request to be able to adjust the handicap after discussion - and knowing who’s in the teams.

It’s on the list, though it’s actually a fair bit of work, so I’m not sure how soon we could expect to see that.