Rengo status

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This is clutching at straws. People who are going to accept a rengo challenge know where it is.

We can keep tweaking the UI till the cows come home, but Ad-hoc Live Rengo: it's not a thing.

True rengo enthusiasts need to recognise that they need to get organised to get a game going (aside from novelty correspondence matches, of course).


there are people who are ok with normal or rengo games
they will have to scroll page up down up down
and people who create rengo games will have to wait longer because it

so it is bug. Maybe its not important bug, but it is bug.

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I don’t agree.

Most people on the site are interested in normal go. They will immediately expand any collapse-arrow we put on normal go game lists.

If we have it collapsed by default, they will ask for an option to uncollapse it by default, and turn that on.

This incessant desire to somehow force people to look at and accept rengo games is misguided: it assumes that most people are here for rengo. It assumes that many people who are not here for rengo would accept a live rengo game if only they saw it. None of these things are true.

Rengo is placed on the site proportionately with the interest and amount played.

In fact, it might be that it should have had it’s own challenge page, tucked away in the left hand side menu. That was an option…


Something I can think of targetted to rengo live people would be an (opt-in?) notification that live games are open at the moment.

I guess more generally this might be an opt-in notification for “the sort of thing I am interested in”, in general.

This is food for thought, now (or at least, after OJE gets fixed :blush: )

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just don’t collapse it by default
I would just like hide all correspondence games both rengo and normal
so page becomes less overloaded


^^ THAT is a completely different argument, and has got legs actually.

If you are saying “I would like to be able to collapse these, because it would make my life easier” that makes sense.

You started off with

… which is a totally different (and misguided) idea.

I agree that it different.
just that idea is useful for many things

What a great idea, then :wink:


(@benjito could put this on his “great first ticket” list ! )

(And maybe there is a take-away here, which is that ideas to make player’s lives easier are attractive, but ideas that fish for people to accept live rengo challenges are not :wink: )

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There is already these checkboxes at the bottom for showing/hiding certain game offers… surely we could add corr and live checkboxes down here too?



It’s true, though collapsing a section might be a more natural UI for this?


Since it’s already broken out into sections that does make sense… but then isn’t it a bit weird that options with very similar functionality are in two different areas?

I guess both should be roughly equal in implementation difficulty… so as long as we get one of them it’s fine… I can see logic to do it either way, and unfortunately since either could work there are also reasons why either one is bad :man_shrugging: I guess whoever codes it can just pick their favourite… I’m not sure if there is a “best” in this case

Hopefully we’ll get to move 1 before Easter lol

I wonder if we need a maximum time per move :wink:

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Nah, let the playground do its thing. :wink:


Hm, I thought the vacation bug was resolved? Game is paused…


Not by the weekend? Hmm

fast correspondence time settings for the win!

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vacation bug fix doesn’t work

@_Sofiam just turned off vacation, game unpaused, turned it on, it paused


I (the only player in vacation mode) resigned and the game is still paused


I guess its for same reason that game stays in profile of those who resigned