Rengo status

Out of curiosity, where is development of this happening? I have some free time in the next week and might be able to look into making a PR for some of the features if it’s open source


I know the front end is open source, checkout @GreenAsJade’s rengo branch here: GitHub - GreenAsJade/ at rengo

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I think you mean that users would find bugs more quickly if it was live on the main site?

We need a certain level of stability before that’s possible, otherwise a bug could inflict hard-to-repair damage.


I think they meant it would be better if our rengo testing was done with live games on the beta server rather than corr…


Ah hah - a likely bug, I can imagine how that can happen, will get on it.

As Benjito said, the client code is in my fork on github.

Anoek has asked for these things to be dealt with … not all of them have to be before go-live, I think, but the more that are done the sooner we go live I’m sure :slight_smile:

PRs welcome! (*)

Yeah this is the hassle of rengo isn’t it: finding all those people online at once to join your game :smiley: :smiley:

I guess the more people hanging out in rengo chat the easier that would be …

(*) PS - I don’t want to take the 'Rengo" header off the games page though - what do you all think about that?


I’m not sure where the header went in beta, I don’t remember seeing a commit for that >.<

My two cents:

  • There are (hopefully) already enough visual cues that a game is a Rengo match
  • The “Rengo!” header takes up space. @BHydden’s screenshot shows chat pushed all the way of the screen, and the board at the bottom. I recognize that’s a mix of the “other players” list too, but the header is responsible for a non-negligible amount.
  • Consistency: we don’t have a “Go!” header on normal games

It looks to me like Beta has had a code-rollback. I’ll alert/enquire with @anoek … there isn’t anything Rengoish happening there.

It may be that anoek is needing to test some other changes that are coming through…

edit: yeah FWIW you can look on the About page at beta and see that it’s currently on the ‘devel’ commit.

I think that anoek is testing “old back end with new front end” … IE in theory our games etc are still there and OK, we just can’t rengo at the moment.

It’d be curious to see what happens if someone plays a move in a rengo game in this state :slight_smile:


Oh! That’s a neat trick!


It’s back, at beta.


We tested live rengos today.

Games links:
testing rengo
testing rengo
testing rengo
testing rengo

What I noticed, confirmed also by the other players, is:

  • A player can be in both the teams: testing rengo
  • The next players do not change unless you refresh the page. This has happened in both two 3v3 matches and one 1 vs 2 match and both for players and viewers.
  • You can play a move also during your team mate(s)’ turns. In that case, you would see your move until someone else played another one (but I did not understand if the second part was the case for others as well)
  • When this happens, everyone sees a flash error:

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything :slight_smile:


What happened for me is that you can apparently place a stone but you get a flash error message and the move isn’t registered.

Other issues:

  • When the game started, I couldn’t see the chat nor the current board state. I had to refresh the page before they appeared.
  • Sometimes when it’s my turn I can’t place a stone. I have to refresh the page before I am allowed to do that.
  • I can hear the voice countdown even when it’s not my turn, this is disturbing because it suggests I need to make a move.
  • The move indicator was visible and functional. Instead of refreshing, clicking the move indicator when it was your turn also made it possible to play a move.
  • Yep, for me too.

  • Empty game history page on my beta profile, although I played all the test games.


Did you click on this box (top right)?

Also, the results are quite weird: tie+ resign/timeout?


I wonder if this sort of thing is specific to the first two players on a team, taking the first two moves of a game?

Were you first to move on our team @_Sofiam in the first game?

Similarly I noticed I had to refresh initially to play a move when I wasn’t the first player on my team to move in the first 3v3 game, but in the second game when I played first on my team, I didn’t need to refresh (but I didn’t test @_Sofiam ‘s other point of playing out of turn and getting the error when I was first to play, it didn’t work when I wasn’t)

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Yes, I played the approach.


Rengo no clickable.

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Strange. I can click on the Rengo box, on my game history page as well as on Atorrante’s.


I imagine that’s intentional so you can see other peoples Rengo games?

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Of course, what is strange is that I can see Atorrante’s rengo profile while he can’t see his own.


Oh yes I forgot about that part :slight_smile: