Rengo update: choose play-order of players

With the server update that went in last night, you can now set the order of play of players in a rengo challenge (one that you created).

Before starting the game, you can click the “re-order players” button, and you will be able to drag the players into the order that you want, on the team that you want.

You need to hit “Save” on that form to finalise the order - if you exit that form without clicking “Save”, the order will not be changed.


Extra notes:

  • It’s a good idea to un-assign all players if you are intending to set the play-order (as you see above)
  • It’s a good idea to have auto-start: No (or a ridiculously high number as above)

Both these things avoid the game starting before you are ready with the order.

  • If a player tries to join while you are setting the order, they will not be included: only the players in the challenge at the time you start ordering will be in the challenge after you hit “Save”.

… so don’t leave the “re-order players” pane open for long periods :slight_smile: