Repetitive “Game started” announcement

On safari (iphone) and chrome (macbook) browsers the game narrator/voice repeatedly announces that the game has started, even after many moves have been played. This usually happens when an ongoing game is first opened in a browser, but I’ve also heard it happen periodically when a game is left open in the browser. If it could be fixed that would be cool :sunglasses:. Any help is appreciated.


That is a known bug so you can search the forum to see more on this.
Although i thought it was solved because it’s some time already that no one mention it.

ah yep, well hope the devs can figure it out. Doesn’t seem that hard to fix.

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I hadn’t really noticed it much previously, but it definitely happens a lot more frequently with multiple tabs open.

It’s not like the stone sounds though, where say you have the same game open twice (possibly by accident) and you here the sound twice in succession.

With the game started sound it’s like it happens when the tab refreshes in a sense. That is you start a game in the active tab and later you check another tab (like a chat tab for a group or whichever) and then you get another game started sound.

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