Reporting: A guide to making good use of the ‘Call moderator’ and ‘Report’ functions

I really hate modals for this reason. It drive me bonkers. I’m not yet sure how easy it will be to have something different (like the PM chat boxes). It may be that a first improvement will simply be not dismissing by accident.


You can just enforce the use of one of 2 cancel/confirm to close the box

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Be my guest :wink:

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O that’s too much honor as I’m no programmer at all!
Just figuring out how to improve it …

Btw I’m no heavy user of call for mod button but I’m prone to click far away often with my fat finger on my phone. I do remember the same problem happened to me.


Ah hah - well, yes, in theory one would simply say “don’t do that cancel when they click outside” thing, but at first glance this seems to be “built in” to the old component that is being used for this… though there may be a switch somewhere I didn’t find yet.


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FYI: Improve report-raising modal by GreenAsJade · Pull Request #1481 · online-go/ · GitHub


Oh oh someone’s been called to the Principal’s office

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Works for me :woman_shrugging:

There should be “report problem” button where you don’t report game or someone.
Problem with OGS itself, not sort of to write in forum just was discovered.
And I had no choice but to click “report” on someone - its weird.


Up till now we’ve used Chat for that - moderators tend to be in English and/or Help.


Definitely you have more chance in Help than in English, though.


Wow, that is certainly unobvious. I think i would have reported myself for that maybe. I’ve only been to chat a few times, found it makes no sense and left.

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Do you mean Help made no sense? That would be surprising.

I would have thought Help is a good place to get Help in real time about things that are wrong with OGS…


In Help channel everyone see your message while you may wish to keep it secret from normal users. And there certainly much less attention of mods to messages in chat than to report messages.

no report button on yourself exist, which is stupid. What if problem is with your own account or profile?


No I meant chat makes no sense. But I assume that’s just a symptom of my age…

Ha! Shows how often I’m on the main site!

If you need to contact the OGS team privately about a general issue (for example, a security bug that you don’t want to make public) you can always use the email address listed on

In the event of a critical issue or urgent matter affecting this site, please contact us at


True, but again not obvious. Maybe there should be a single obvious way to call a moderator for help with something other than a game or another person, e.g. “call for help” button in main menu with symbol same as “call moderator” button in games? :man_shrugging:

This wouldn’t work. People, mostly new users, would flood it with general queries that can easily be answered by Help chat, FAQ, doco or forums. It may be worth reviewing your suggestion when OGS has a fully staffed 24hr call center.